Thursday, March 11, 2010

what's with Chuck?

My boyfriend has been laughing alone in front of his computer for minutes! He's been reading some hilarious "Facts about Chuck Norris."  Then he asked me to open Google and type this...

i want to find Chuck Norris

and press the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button instead of the "Search" button.

And here's the result...

Funny! Try it out yourself. ^_^

I'm 2 weeks late on my Color-coded Wednesday.  And I haven't finished writing my Travel Tuesday blog post.  I'm in limbo.  I feel sooo LOST with all the pressure and commitments I've made and been trying to keep fulfilled this year but I feel sooo BLESSED whenever I look at my beloved.  Do you ever get that kind of feeling sometimes?  The battle between 2 extreme feelings is draining me.  But i feel refreshed thinking that 2 of my commitments are finally coming to an end this March!  I'll be left with uhm...let me enumerate...

- May wedding (this gives me the HAPPYs!)
- ASLP meetings and organizing trainings/forums
- April Clan reunion (OMG! I haven't started with our invites for this!)
- my Thesis (I'll start after May)
- having 2 different technical duties at work

...5 more!  I need help! Ugghh!

i'm glad i have my daily blog reads.  make me inspired and happy when i'm feeling down.

xo, ails

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