Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Wardrobe Trip Post (001)

This was supposedly posted last week but due to my very hectic schedule, i'm posting this now.  ^_^

I decided to post what I am wearing for the following reasons:
- to document and learn about my style
- to learn new things about myself just by looking at the pictures
- to see the areas needing improvement (putting on make-up for instance)

Comments and criticisms are very much welcome.  These will be valuable in helping me learn my style and in developing my fashion sense which according to my sister, i have none most of the times. haha it's kinda true so please, feel free to leave me comments and suggestions.  ^_^

This is what i wore last wednesday.

Blouse - Anne Klein
Slacks - Lucca
Shoes - Rusty Lopez
Watch - Swatch

I wore no make-up.  I need to learn how to apply make-up on myself...  and to style my hair.

xoxo, ails

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