Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday night photoshoot

I arrived home seeing my cousin and her 2 classmates/friends creating their own websites as partial requirement to one of their courses this semester.  Their professor required them to use their real names for their URLs, to tell something about themselves and to sell something online.  They are totally new to this so i tried my best to answer their queries and to guide them with the development of their sites.  One thing I noticed is that they lack self-portraits and identifiable headers.  So i told them to prepare themselves for an instant photoshoot! Ha!

We had a blast shooting but it's super late already so i'll post pics tomorrow morning.  I'm so excited to show you how we managed to shoot with very little prep!  Pics may not be perfect coz I'm just an amateur photographer but the three wonderful ladies are too sweet for still loving my shots.  Pics tomorrow, promise!

Sweet dreams lovelies!

xo, ails

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