Friday, February 19, 2010

friday loving

It's a happy day today because it is a Friday!  at least for someone like me, who works 8-5, Mondays-Fridays every week. ^_^ 

After work, i'll be meeting with my Friday class groupmates for our report.  And then my love and I together with our dear friend Mickaela might watch the last full show of The Wolfman tonight.  Boyfriend and I love bloody vampire / werewolf movies. ^_^ And my friend and I love Benicio Del Toro! I'm excited!

And before we watch that bloody film, i'll share some random dainty love love love that are inspiring me today!

i can't remember the source

they're both pretty, right?

i love the guitar bag and the loveliness of the room

this should have been in my wednesday post

so pretty!

Happy friday once again earthlings!

xo, ails

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