Tuesday, February 09, 2010

busy bee & some sharing

Hello everyone! I couldn't wait to see who won the Creature Comforts giveaway!

I've been very busy lately but it didn't mean i couldn't find time to read my fave and friends' blogs.  These blogs have always provided me with daily doses of inspiration and if you wanna get inspired too, just pick a blog or 2 from my sidebars.  ^_^


Last weekend, my kool and i finally bought our rings.  Yay!  it is not customized because it is just enough for our budget.  But we are both happy with the design.  My heart is skipping with joy everytime i talk or write about my May wedding!  And what's more exciting is that this coming weekend, his parents are coming over to my hometown to meet my family.  I can't wait!

The excitement I feel for the weekend takes my mind off of UP Fair.  But my kool and i might still schedule a night to check out this year's fair. But of course, i have to finish first my 2 papers due this weekend.  :(


I also want to share this planner I made last night commissioned by Bianca.  I sooo love the fabric and how my embroidered design turned out perfectly on it.



I also changed my header and widget using the embroidered/crocheted/buttoned little garden.  This planner really made me soo happy and fulfilled last night.

Tomorrow, i will post a 2 weeks worth of Color-coded Wednesday since I didn't post anything last week.  And i hope to start another Style School project before the class ends!  Elsie, LA, and Jill are offering another class about starting, surviving, and succeeding in your Indie Business.

They are all operating successful online & local creative businesses (redvelvetart, studiolune, frecklednest).  Registration cost is $75 and i think it's worth every penny.  Unfortunately for me, I can not afford to enroll this time.  :(   I'm on a tight budget right now until the end of May.  I'm just sharing this to all my friends who are interested in putting up a small online or local creative business. 
Anybody interested? ^_^

xo, ails

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