Thursday, January 21, 2010

Color-coded Wednesday (Week 3) - - - turned Thursday

last night, my kool and i watched the last full show of Daybreakers (we enjoy watching scary and gory movies together :))  and it was midnight when we finally got home so i wasn't able to post my color-coded wednesday.  but it's better late than never, right? sooo here's my very short color-coded post.

For the whole week, i've been super obsessed with French macarons. The obsession was purely out of curiosity.  And this afternoon, i finally got the chance to buy my much awaited petits fours in a local patisserie near the office. 

(click on the images to view source)

It was costly but worth every peso!  I bought 4 flavors and my dear kool and i shared a bite or 2 of each flavor.  It was the bestest dessert I've ever had! I was looking for pistachio but it wasn't available so here are the four little delights i bought in order of my most favorite:

  • Coffee macaron
  • Blueberry macaroon
  • Valrhona Chocolate macaron
  • Milk Choco-Passion macaron
My sister is going to visit next week and I intend to bring her there no matter what! ^_^

Ohh, and last night I received this loveliest ponytail tie from Janice!  She crocheted this herself! She gave me burnt orange coz she knew I love that color. She's a darling!

ok love.  I gotta go and study for tomorrow's class.  I hope your day be filled with pleasant little surprises!


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