Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a one night project if done with a machine

Being the great procrastinator,  i finally got a chance to finish my first project in Style School given last November 26 by Leigh Ann.

This is hand sewn.  I decided to create a pillowcase because little pillows like the one i used in this picture are more readily accessible to me than fibre fill.  I will give this pillow to a crafty friend as a late Holiday gift to her this afternoon (Wednesday).

Here's a short story of how i finally decided to start with my super delayed projects...

 Jas asked me last week if we could meet anyday this week since we didn't get a chance to see each other last December.  I was delighted to hear again from her so I said yes and told her that i'm available mon-thurs after office.  Hearing from a crafty friend was like a power button to start crafting.  And so I was finally able to finish 2 more 2010 planner (for my dear little sister and for my dear sister-in-law) over the weekend.  I have 1 more delayed planner for another friend which i will do tonight.

And then I went to Glorietta last Monday to buy some fabric and i found and bought lots of lovely prints and coordinating plains.  I was also able to check out the Dreams store in Glorietta 5 selling local and imported yarn and lots of sewing/crocheting/knitting stuff.  It's a lovely little store that also offers knitting classes for 600 pesos.  Learning to knit is one of my goals this 2010 and if i will fail to learn through reading and youtube, i will definitely enroll in the Dreams' class.  Going back to the subject, I also bought 3 cute little pillows for the pillowcases that i planned to sew.  I started measuring and cutting my fabric when i got home.  By midnight, I was able to hand sew the pocket! Yay!

I was sooo glad that i was able to crochet 4 little heart doilies (shades of red, purple/pink, yellow, and orange) long before style school so i would not need to worry about it.  I finished the pillowcase on Tuesday night after office.  I would have been faster if i had a sewing machine so i'm gonna put that in my wish list for 2010.  Ohh, I was also able to finish last night attaching the embellishments for 6 coffee huggers and photoshopped the base design of our restaurant's menu.  I couldn't share any pic for now because i forgot to take pictures last night.  This pocket pillow pics were taken with a cellphone cam just before posting.

Tonight, after i meet with my friend, I'm gonna finish the last (but not the least) planner and arrange my style file.  As for my Master's,  I'll also do some online research for my group projects tonight.

I'll see you later for my color-coded wednesday post.  Hope you're all having a lovely day!


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  1. thanks, ails, I love the pillow, miggy loves it, too, he's claiming it :)