Wednesday, November 11, 2009

learning css

Even with a very hectic schedule, i managed to tweak the css format of my blog yesterday. Thanks to my basic html course 10 years ago, i can understand a teeny weeny bit of programming. ^_^ i enjoyed playing with the format yesterday - expanding the width, playing with colors, etc. Now that i have the layout that i like, i need to move on to designing and embellishing it. I also would like to make my own widget. ohh so exciting!

this day's gonna be a very busy day again just like yesterday. So before i put my head on my tasks for the day, i'll share this lovely lady's photostream in flickr. I like her style. The picture above, entitled "studying tips: best study habit is cramming," reminds me of the night before my board exam. ;-P

lovelove, ails

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