Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thankful and Happy

We spent last weekend at home so I had a lot of time appreciating the life I have right now.  We do not have much but we do our best to look at and CREATE the bright side of things.  2012 left us with a broken Nikon D90, but we gained the Samsung S3 to take really nice snapshots of our lives.  We sold the Civic and made a loan to purchase the City to save on gas and maintenance.  It taught us how to prioritize and to say 'No' sometimes. 

We are still living in our little square house beside my parents' but we are glad that we are near them so they could check on our little man while we are at work on weekdays.  We have changed the layout of our little home and we tried to find the right furniture for it last weekend.  We only found a nice kitchen table last Saturday where we can put the stove on.  I wanted an oven but it's not in our priorities right now so I'l just bake in mom's oven if the baking bug bites me again on weekends. :D

The little man is into doodling and coloring already and I find the mess he created beautiful.  The paints on the tiles are easy to clean and the pencil doodles our walls can also be erased.  But for now, the Mister and I are loving every print the little man is leaving on our walls. And the little's 'paintings' are also on display in our home.

I tried to roast pumpkin bites last Sunday but it didn't turn out to be a delight.  Preparing healthier and delicious food for my family is one of my priorities and a daily goal starting 2013.  I hope and pray I can find the best routine to keep up with this goal.

yes, he can Gangnam :D 

So how did your weekend go?  I hope you had a good one.  And if not, at least try to think and list down the blessings that you are currently enjoying right now. :D  It will keep you in a good and creative mood. Have a lovely productive week ahead!

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