Friday, April 13, 2012

Pepper in a new Licca Poseable Neck Body

Hello Lovelies!

Still pretty busy around here.  However, I just want to share with you a body swap and my new adopted girl. :D

Here's Pepper showing off her new poseable body.

Pepper swapped bodies with my new adopted Licca I named Mira.  Mira's hair has been cut too short by her previous mom but I still love her and I really find her cute!

Here's Pepper thanking Mira with a burger for the body swap.

Pepper and her mom are so pleased with her new body. :D

And Mira came with another friend.  She is just as pretty.  But she is not staying for long in our house because  I am going to gift her to a dear friend.

Below is a comparison photo between the bodies of Takara Blythe (orange hair) and Takara Licca (green hair). This Licca body is a bit taller and has longer legs than the Blythe body and the new Tomy Licca body of Pepper. 


  1. Hi Aileen!It been monts since we talked how are you doing?I finally know how to do my blog buttons and I did them on my blog buttons page.I love your blythe doll,she is adoreable isn't she.My mom going to sell some of my blythe dolls that I don't want anymore so that she can get the money she made from them.Have a great day Aileen! :)

  2. Hi Semeeah! Thanks a lot! Yes, she is definitely adorable! :D I'm so glad you finally worked out the banner and buttons on your page! And I hope to see your girls up for adoption. Have a great day too!