Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sewing Curtains using Mom's Old Singer Sewing Machine

This afternoon, mom finally taught me how to use her old Singer sewing machine.  She knows I can sew by hand.  So she just gave me the very basic instructions on how to use her machine.  

a. Put the cloth under the walking foot
b. Make sure the threads are at the back
c. Turn the knob to put the needle down
d. Put the walking foot down
e. And press the "electric pedal" with my foot.

She just gave me a piece of cloth, made me run 2 stitches,  then left me with the curtain fabric to work with. Wow!  She knows I hate being watched while working.  I so loooove my mom!  

That's me sewing while the little boy was busy playing on his walker.  He was pulling my measuring tape in this picture. Pardon the photo quality 'coz this was taken using my webcam.  In case you're wondering, the thread was not on top of the machine because it was in a cup on the floor.  Mom told me the stitches get tangled when she put the thread in its proper place.  

I was able to finish 50% of 3 panels but had to stop because of the little one.  He kept pulling the fabric because he wanted to go out of the house and watch lola in the garden.  So we played outside instead.  Fun!

I hope you had a happy, productive, and memorable weekend too! =D


  1. He looks like he was a having a fun time playing with the measuring tape. :) I'm having a very productive week getting some spring cleaning done around the house. I still have lots to do, but I'm just doing a little each day.

  2. Hi Rachel! Yes, Perry did enjoy playing with the measuring tape but he had more fun pulling the cloth i was sewing. he he