Friday, February 24, 2012

My dollies, Amaya and The Pillars of the Earth

Few days ago, I asked the Mr. if he has a new movie that we could watch together while the baby was in deep slumber.  He answered me with, "I've got a mini-series which is far better than Amaya."  He hates Pinoy tv series.  He hates the drama that comes with every single Pinoy soap opera.  And he knows how much I love Amaya.  So anyway, he presented me with The Pillars of the Earth, based on Ken Follet's novel.  It's an eight part mini-series.  And last night, the Mr. and I finally finished watching it.  The story centers on the construction of a cathedral in a fictitious town in England during the time of The Anarchy

The series has monsters like Dian Lamitan too.  I kid the Mr. about that but of course there should always be an antagonist to any story, right? But I'm glad that just like most Pinoy soap operas, The Pillars of the Earth's ending was a happy one.  All the antagonist paid for their cruelness. Sweet! ha ha  

While watching, I managed to make a new dress pattern for my Blythe in my notebook.  I hope to try this on a cloth tonight when the baby is already sleeping.  I was able to comb Pepper's hair too.  She deserved it after all the fittings she has gone through for the 3 spring/summer dresses.  

Also, I plan to start sharing my treasures this weekend.  Yes, it's about my precious(es).  No, it's not about my baby - he's really precious though.  Here's a peek to some of them preciouses...

I will share maybe 1 treasure per week.  Mind you, I will just share pictures and the story behind each of them.  :D  The reason behind this treasure sharing is for me to have an online record of them.  Especially after what happened to my book collection, my need to record everything I have today grew even more stronger.  
I can hardly wait to take their photos!

Have a lovely, productive, and fun weekend everyone! =D


  1. Hi Aileen!!I love the picture you posted and I also like your post too!! :) I have got your comment you posted on my blog and I understand some of the instructions and some of them of I don't.Would you mind explaining it more clearly so that I can understand how to do it?Thanks,

  2. I emailed you again dear. :D Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment!