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Breadcrumbs Project 366 : Day 12 - 25

Wow! This is hard.  Breadcrumbs Project should be made daily... From now on, I'll spend at least 15 minutes of my time each day to write about my daily blessings. And to post some of my creative endeavors as well... :D

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 25

More progress in the website.  It's now 25% complete.  I'm happy again.  Plus I am sharing with you my new diet staple.  Salad! ;D

I've been eating fresh salad twice a day since Tuesday.  How to:  1) cut/tear lettuce leaves into bite size pieces, 2) cut/dice cucumber, tomato, and apple, 3) drizzle with your preferred dressing - mine is sesame vinaigrette as of now, 4) grate cheese on top, 5) toss. Yum! =D

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 24

I started working on our Library website. It's 10% complete and I'm happy. I'll share more details soon. It's not much because I'm using a free web hosting facility but when I'm finished with it, it's gonna be a lot of help to the students in the university.

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 23

Today was our rest day after a tiring but happy day yesterday.  Rest day = more bonding time with Perry.  Plus I was able to make and reproduce my brother's call card.  He's gonna need it for the BIG event this Saturday.

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 22

Hubby and I had a lovely play day with Perry in our backyard.

Also, my friends came to visit today.  We had pizza and pancit and Coke and stories and Stick-O and pasalubong from Cha.  It was a happy day with friends. 

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 21

Lazy saturday. =D  Spent the day taking care of my growing baby.  He also received gifts from his Tita Naya today. The gifts include this pair of lion socks Perry is wearing! So cute!  Thanks again Naya! =D

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 20

Today was an ordinary day.  There's not much clients in the library today so I was able to accomplish my one of my goals below - Books/Journals Request Form. =D

I have also realized that even if it feels like an ordinary day, if you think about it, there really is no ordinary day.  Each day is unique.  So I decided to change my "usual" answer to the question, "How are you?"  I most of the time answer this with "Okay. Nothing new. Thanks. How about you?"  It's too impersonal.  It's an answer given to change the subject of the conversation.  So from now on, I decided to reply with more personal answer, like "Oh I feel wonderful because I accomplished a goal at work today! How about you?" =D        

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 19

I made a TO DO list for the library in preparation for the upcoming accreditation.  Here it is:
  • Design and develop a library website by Jan 27
  • Reformat annual report  by Jan 24
  • Book Request Form & distribute to faculty by Jan 20
  • Arrange and Label HS books by Jan 31
  • For approval:
    • Library Development Plan
    • Library Board Committee
    • Library Manual
I have indicated my personal deadline there because I have realized that goals are easier to accomplish if you have deadlines! :D

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 18

Do you ever get the feeling of being super happy today, then super lonely tomorrow?  or vice versa?  I do.


The world is a better place because of F-R-I-E-N-D-S!  I am deeply grateful for the company of Elaine, Hazel and Kate at the library today.  Their presence made my lonely day bearable.  

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 17

Manila was at it's usual splendor - dimmed by smog - when hubby and I arrived there this morning.  I was early at PRC (thanks to my brother and DSIL for dropping us there) so I was able to finish processing my renewal by 8:45am.  I paid extra 450 pesos for the "Express" ID that I can get by 11:30am.  Otherwise, I'll have to wait for a month before I can claim my new ID.  I wanted to rant about this but I won't because this is Breadcrumbs Project and my blog is Cutify!  I should only appreciate the positive side of things and MUST NOT complain about the bad side. =D

The most memorable thing that happened today was when hubby and I were on a jeep to Divisoria.  I forgot my handkerchief at home so hubby gave me his so I can cover my nose and my mouth as we pass along the smog-covered Recto Avenue.  He just buried his nose on his raised arm.  He has not changed since our first date.  I have almost forgotten how sweet and thoughtful my hubby was ever since we moved to the province.  My heart was overflowing with love today.       

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 16

I just remembered that my PRC License has expired last August 2010.  I failed to renew it last year because I have given birth last July.  So I filed for a Special Leave for tomorrow so i can renew my License.  I need it for the Level 3 Accreditation this March.   

Going to Manila is something I always look forward to because I sometimes miss the fast-paced life in the city.  I think it feels fast-paced because I was able to accomplish a lot everyday back there.  Now that i am in our little town, my life seems to be in slow mo. But I accomplish very little for my personal development.  When Perry was born, it seemed more impossible to do things for myself.  But it feels so right.  I realized that my interests and preferences have changed with the choices I made.  Like when I chose to work and live in the province, I felt the need and desire for a baby.  And then everything has changed again.  It is wonderful to note these changes because I believe that these are the proof that I am continuously growing and learning and experiencing new things and most importantly - living a wonderful life! =D  

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 15

Viva Sto Niño!  Today, we celebrated the Sto. Niño Day in our town.  Little children were dressed like niños.  The church was so full of little children during the morning mass.  Then there was a procession after.    It's one of the lovely traditions in our town.  When my siblings and I were little, my parents always take us to join the mass and the procession. Today, I joined the celebration once again but as a parent. :D

Hubby and I with Perry

 my sister with Perry and Seth

Perry was already restless as the procession was about to start because of his colds.  

Seth enjoyed the colorful buntings in the patio. 

my godchild/nephew Vid was also part of the procession. He was carrying the letter "O" in Santo

these are the lovely officers who made this year's tradition a success.

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 14

Hubby and I were supposed to go to Manila today to go to the wake of Sir Bong.  However, plans have changed when we got home last night due to Perry's condition.  We stayed at home instead and took care of our dear boy.   

Here are what I accomplished while taking care of Perry...

1. hubby's iPad case.  pictured above is the garter I sewed at the back of the case where hubby can insert his hand while reading his ebooks.   I also embroidered Perry's name in baybayin on the front cover. 

2. yummy crema de fruta.  this was the last serving from my 2nd batch of crema since the beginning of the new year.  I'll share my recipe soon. :D

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 13

Friday the 13th! Who says it is an unlucky day?  It's Friday! Friday is always a lucky day because it's a start of a lovely weekend ahead! :D


Perry started having colds and cough today.  He's got fever too when I got home.  He can hardly breathe from his nose so he sleeps with his mouth open (like me!).  And he wants to be cradled almost all the time which I so very much enjoyed doing.   

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 12

Thank you Lord for the bees for they pollinate our flowers and our trees. But I am so sorry for I may have caused the death of one bee for it accidentally stung my lips yesterday...

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