Thursday, January 05, 2012

Breadcrumbs Project 366 : Day 1 - 4

My dear friend Xiaui started a whole year round project listing down her daily blessings.  I decided to do the same.  It is important to be thankful for all the blessings me and my loved ones receive.  I want to list them down too to remind me of how lucky we all are that there is Someone out there looking after and taking care of us. 

Breadcrumbs Project 366 : Day 1

It is our tradition every January 1st to have the Indo-Turing Clan Reunion / Annual Party.  We all look forward to this event each year.  Our clan is slowly growing but some of our family members were not able to join us this year because they celebrated new year in the US and Canada.  

This was also my baby's 1st new year! :D  I was grateful that he didn't cry when we woke him up before the clock strikes 12.  He was curious with the fireworks in the night sky.  

Breadcrumbs Project 366 : Day 2

First day back at work.  According to CD last Christmas Party, "LSPU is our bread and butter."  It didn't sound so right to me because I believe that teaching is a vocation.  However, his words apply to me at the moment.  And I'm thankful that I have a job this 2012. :D

Breadcrumbs Project 366 : Day 3

My friend, Mrs. Pig cried today for she will surely miss me. :D  I could not cry because I do not mourn her 'loss'.  I'm actually glad that she has finally escaped the rotten system.  And she will finally have time for her review and her small business in mind.  I am forever grateful for knowing her and becoming her friend.  I will surely miss her too. 

Breadcrumbs Project 366 : Day 4

My Student Assistant showed up and gave me her name as replacement to Emyrrh.  I hope she's as diligent as Lani.  Also, Sandy showed up applying too.  Now, I gotta make the request to hire an additional SA. Happiness!  :D

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