Sunday, November 07, 2010


Hello! Hello! Hello!

I've just enrolled once again for the 2nd semester to finish my thesis.  Would you believe that the residency fee in UP, without library fee, is only Php 40.00? Yes, it is true. :)  It's Php 840.00 for residency with library fee. I took the cheaper option of course.  I'll just make use of the materials available in my workplace to draft my proposal.

And since I went to Manila last friday for enrollment, I also took the chance to meet with some of my friends.  I met Rena in UP and we talked abut my wedding while having a sumptuous lunch together at the Beach House.  Their daing na bangus was humongous and I just couldn't resist it's belly!  I've also met some of my former classmates/groupmates.  I felt that my goal to finish my MA became more intense after talking to some of my colleagues.  I was glad I met them once again.

I also went to deliver the goods that Janice won in my little giveaway.  Our meeting was so short - a few minutes only - because she has to go back to work.  I miss our coffee dates and doll stuff shopping in the mall.  We rarely see each other now, ever since I've moved to the province.  I hope that we could play with our dolls and do some paper crafting once again. :)

I also accomplished a little work project while in Manila.  I received journal donations from UP for the library that I am developing now.  Those issues and titles I received will greatly help the students and faculty in our province.  I was promised for 2 more copies of each issue I got so i'll be going back there soon.  I could not carry that much since I do not have a car when i went there.  I am deeply grateful for Mr. Jay and Ms. Barbara for their valuable contribution to our library. Thank you!

In other news, I finally learned how to knit! Yey! I just watched tutorials from videojug and look at what I've accomplished so far...

Pretty neat, huh?  I'm so proud of myself. hihi

I wanted to learn knitting because I want to make some stuff for our little darling.  I love him so much and I just want to give him the best handmade gifts I could ever give.
He turned 4 months old last Friday and we had a little celebration.  Some of his aunts and uncles came to party with us.  :)

Isn't he adorable? I love him so much! Oh, have I told you that already? hihi

How was your weekend? I hope you had a lovely and a productive one too! :)


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  1. thanks, Ails... and congratulations for accomplishing so many :)