Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seth Alvin, Blythe travel, Coron, and crochet stuff

hello hello hello!

how have you been lovelies?

It has been 40 days since I moved to an off-line life in Laguna so here I am again, giving you loads of short updates.

I am now an aunt to this wonderful and healthy little boy, Seth Alvin.

This picture was taken on his 12th day.  He arrived in this world at 8.14 lbs. thru normal delivery.  He fills our days with sunshine. I love him sooooo much!

I've tons of news about my blythes but i'll tell you just a few.

I brought Pepper with me in Coron, Palawan.  I went there as one of the organizers of a seminar for librarians.

Pepper was with me the whole time including my trip to the enchanting island of Coron.  Unfortunately, in one of the best destinations there, Pepper fell off the limestone cliff.  i posed her, seated on a limestone rock, to have her picture taken in this postcard pic of Cayangan Lake.
 (pic taken last May 2009, on my 1st visit there)

She tumbled down the clif when i left her for a second.  :(
 (pic taken last May 2009, on my 1st visit there)

I could see her head down the cliff but i could not risk my life rescuing her.  :(  So I enclosed all my emotions in a bubble and accepted Pepper's fate.  :(
Then, a knight in a red armor came and asked me what happened.  I told him that my baby fell off the cliff.  He then scouted the area and tried looking for the best way to save Pepper.  After 15 minutes, he came back to me with my little darling.  He told me that Pepper's hair and pull string were caught by the dried branches on the cliff.  I was so thankful! Only after I had her back did I feel my knees shaking.  I barely made it down the mountain and back to our boat.  The elders in our group believed that Pepper probably saved us from being taken by the spirits of Coron.  It was a scary thought but I was so glad she came back to me with just a very minute scar on her right cheek.

During the seminar, I was able to crochet a pair of olive bikinis for Pepper with a matching hat.  Here she is after her ordeal in Cayangan.
She enjoyed the beach so much!
And here is Pepper with her saviour...

I was also able to take her photos for a story I am planning to write on my new blog for my Blythes. :)

And for another good news, I have reached 20 unique followers already! Yay! So I will be hosting a little blog candy. :)  Aaaaand another candy for my Blythe-lover friends in celebration of Pepper's second life with me! Yippeee!  I'm so excited! I hope you are too! :)

Have a great day lovelies! :)

xoxo, Ails


  1. thankful that Pepper is safe... nice to hear from you, dear :)

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  3. aw this is okay!
    its so great to hear from you again!
    love your blog!