Thursday, May 06, 2010

New Addition - cancelled


some unfortunate event happened ... i don't know what to say.  my heart is broken right now...

I adopted a new family member online.  It's the "New Addition" I was blogging about since yesterday.
It's something that I will supposedly receive at the end of this month.  But when I opened my inbox a few minutes ago, this is what i received from the seller...

"I'm so sorry, but when I was about th pack her, I left her unattended for the shortest while and my 3 year old got to her in a split second with a pair of scissors! Now Peppermint is having a really bad haircut and I cannot sell it to u. Sad
This is so unfortunate!
I will try to look thru' my collection again and see if there's another girl that will fit your budget and that u will be interested in. Will contact you again soon.
Once again, so sorry for the mishap...
Sigh... I'm very sad too...."

Yes, I was adopting a Simply Peppermint Blythe from a seller in Singapore.  It was a gift for myself before I get married on the 22nd.  It was one of the MAJOR reasons why I was in heaven since yesterday.  And it was the ONLY reason why i hosted a "Guess What? Candy" this morning.

And since, she (Peppermint), is no longer coming, I guess I have no more reason to continue the Guess What? candy.

I'm so sorry lovelies...

I hope you will all understand...

i need your hugs, ails


  1. it's okay, i was suppose to enter your "guess what?" candy I was connecting the blythe and the peppermint candies... but still I had so much fun guessing and glad that my guess was right... it's okay, sometimes things happen unexpectedly :)

  2. oh bummer. well, who knows, maybe you'll find an even better one. or, could the one you were going to buy just be customized with other hair later? not sure how the blythes work.
    have a good day today :)

  3. Thank you lovelies!

    Yes Mel, I believe her hair can be customized. But the seller didn't want to sell her with a bad hair. But the seller was kind enough to look for a brand new Blythe for me. ^_^