Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My 2nd digital scrapbook page

Hello lovelies!

I felt so inspired to create a digital page this afternoon when I saw The Color Room's Palette challenge. 

I love the colors in it! So I decided to make a page with my cousin's pictures that I took last Sunday.  This is my first take at "journaling" and at joining challenges.

Template - Cindy Schneider, PeppermintCreative.com, Scrap in a Snap Templates, Set #4
Ribbons - Shabby Princess Sweet Sprinkles
Solid papers used as round frames for the round photo - Shabby Princess Sweet Sprinkles
Buttons - Ronna Penner's Express Yourself
Little blue flowers - Kaisercraft
Number - Ruby Rynne Recipe Book Numbers

Everything else - Michelle Coleman's Bohemian Summer Papers and Embellishments (LittleDreamerDesigns.com)

I'm so proud of the result even if I used a free template.  Digital scrapbooking is as hard as  traditional but the difference is that this is not expensive since all the papers and embellishments I used are free. ^_^
A little wedding update: I am almost done with our invitations and I have also finished making our cord for the church ceremony.  I'll share lots of photos and processes later when I'm done.  Right now, i have butterflies so I'll enjoy the feeling first. ^_^
What's giving you butterflies these days? Tell me! ^_^
lovelove, ails


  1. i love your digital L.O...specially the colors., how i wish i can learn to make one

  2. what a wonderful page, great colors and patterns...have a fabulous week!

    enjoy *~*

  3. Thank you lovelies for your encouraging and sweet comments! ^_^

  4. You mentioned your cord, make sure it is long enough. A friend gifted me with my cord and we didn't check the length. It was too short and the video showed me making faces when the cord was put on me!

  5. Thanks! I've measured our cord and it fits perfect for both of us. ^_^ what worries me is that my mom does not agree with it. she wants a pure white cord. i made mine with red! I crocheted 3 long chains of 2 white yarn and 1 red yarn, then braided them. I also put some little white yarn pompoms in the middle, coz i already tied our cord to create the 8 (infinity) shape. Mom and sister did not like the pompoms. I might just remove the pompoms and tidy up the knot in the middle. i'll share when it's done.