Wednesday, April 07, 2010

DIY Wedding : My Wedding Invitation

I need a little help from you my crafty friends.

Some of you are aware that the wedding we are preparing for May is a frugal wedding.  My fiance and I are finding the lowest but best offer first before finally buying or hiring whatever we will need for our wedding.  So for our wedding invitation, we decided to make our own.

We want it clean and simple.  So for the guests we decided to use a textured white cardstock.  We bought the brand Elit (8 1/2 x 11, white, Tulip, 220 gsm) at National Bookstore for Php30.50 per 10 sheets.  1 sheet of that can produce 2 invites.  I've designed 4 samples and had my family and some friends choose which design they like best.  Here are the choices:

a (flourish is NOT a stamped image)

b (flourish is NOT a stamped image)

c & d (flourish on both are hand stamped)

Which do you prefer?

Now, for the entourage, I decided to make a 2-fold card.  I printed the edited c &/or d invite on the left fold and printed the entourage on the right fold.  The back has the URL of our wedding blog.  I need your help on the front design.  My fiance told me to use only the materials that I already have.  So last Sunday, before going back to Manila I checked all the patterned papers and stuff that I have.  Our motif is Red with a very little touch of Black (very little because the oldies - mom & aunts - do not approve of black during weddings).  Below are all that I have...
3 pieces of each of these patterned 12 x 12 papers courtesy of Claire
(there are other red toned papers but I got only one piece of each so I didn't consider them as options)

and these embellishments. 

Oh! and good news is when I tried using my MS Doily punch once again, it worked! - for this thin but crisp red paper at least. Happyness!

With the materials above, here is what I've designed...

I cut the patterned paper 5" x 4" so I can produce 6 per sheet (multiply it by 3 sheets, i'll have 18).  18 is enough for my entourage (parents, godparents, secondary sponsors, and kids).  It is one invite short because I have to have a copy of this too!  So  I will just try to use what's left of the patterned paper to make 19.
What do you think of the invite?  I know it is unfinished that's why I need your help in finishing it.  Below are the different embellishments I used trying to complete this.  

Should I put our names (Hoseal & Aileen) on it? If yes, I'll have to print or write it down because I do not have a stamp for our names.
I haven't tried hard enough last night.  I'll try again tonight but for the meantime, I am asking for your suggestions and comments on how to improve this invitation.  I'm willing to buy additional materials.  My imagination is just too limited lately.

I'll greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions on this.  I'll update you tomorrow what I'll come up with tonight.

Thanks a bunch!

lovelove, ails


  1. I had no idea you're getting married soon. Andyan ako sa atin for week (last week), nag attend ako ng wedding my cousin ko. Saan gagawin ang wedding ceremonies nyo? =)

  2. sa Pakil Church then reception will follow at Km.3, Brgy Macatad, Siniloan. ^_^ attend ka po. ^_^

  3. i guess you can write it free hand ails..i remember you have a nice hand writing and i congtulate you for a personl touch of your invitation which i fail to do due to lack of materials in here..Best wishes too on you upcoming wedding.
    with regards tothe invitation i like the C choice..hope i did help a bit..hhehehe

  4. I like B & D. These invitations look fabulous!!

  5. Thanks Chekz! ^_^ I do not have the courage to write our names freehand yet. hee hee. as for your C choice, my fiance also prefers C or D. ^_^

    Thanks Delilah! ^_^

  6. I still love B as the invitation page. For the cover, I like both 1st and 5th image... it's a nice idea to place your names on the cover since it's a wedding invitation. sometimes, placing monograms is also accepted. have fun making your wedding invitations! :)

  7. Thanks Jas! ^_^

    B has 2 votes only. I love them all. And Hoseal loves them all too. He prefers to use all designs for the guests invitation! I told him it's a crazy idea! haha So he chose D.

    For the cover, I'll try putting our names or monograms on it. Freehand writing is very challenging and I don't wanna waste precious papers, so I'll just look for a nice font to print. ^_^