Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My NCM's 2nd (16th Day)

Last night, I was not in the mood to study.  I was too inspired with the wedding gowns Jas designed for me.  So i decided to sew a purse for my bank cards or for my coins.  Here's what I created last night in less than an hour...

It was made of red felt.  I simply cut a rectangle measuring 7 x 4 inches.  I intended to allot 1" for the flap only and the remaining 6" for the purse.  But the flap seemed too short so I adjusted it a bit longer.  Then I folded the purse and sewed the sides with pink embroidery floss.  I also embroidered an outline of a heart for added cuteness.  Then I used a cutter to create a button hole on the flap before I sewed the violet button on the purse.  So easy! ^_^

Here are samples of some of it's uses...


It's a perfect companion to my thick Pucca wallet.  The wallet was a gift from a friend last Christmas. 

I'll tell you a little secret.  I designed this little felt purse differently on my notebook.  But it was 10 pm already when I started it so I made it super simple to finish early.  This purse was my first project with felt.  I have tons of ideas to create using this material. I'm excited! ^_^

Tonight, my fiance and I are leaving for the province.  We have an interview tomorrow at the church.  Then we will travel back to Manila tomorrow night. If the weather permits, I'll take pictures of the church to share with you. But I can't probably create a thing tonight because I've been under the weather since morning.  I think my body deserves a rest tonight.

Have a wonderful day, lovelies!

xoxo, ails


  1. I think this looks great! :)

  2. so pretty... it's a nice gift, too :)

  3. Thank you Jas! You saw the Pucca wallet already right? I still feel like a young little girl even if I'm already 30. haha

  4. What a nice purse, and such a great idea for a little gift to someone, as you can always prsonalize it to fit who´s recieveing it. I really like thisone, even you say it´s simple, but sometimes the simple is also the best looking. This is awesome.

  5. that is so cute! you made that yourself???

  6. Cute project! Are you ready for the big day??? :D

  7. Thanks Maryann, Ahlin and Joan! ^_^

    Not yet, Joan! Waahhh! But we're super excited! ^_^

  8. You're crafty pala. Ang galing! This post answers the question I left on the earlier comment (re: church).