Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy Monday!

I had a very busy weekend and since my boss was not at work today, this gets to be a free day!  Not that i didn't work. No no no.  In fact I did finish a back log on my desk that has been waiting for my attention since the first of February.  It's just a free day 'coz i get to work so quietly and comfortably without someone looking at my work over my shoulder. I hate it when somebody does that.  It makes me feel so uncomfortable, forcing me to stop working, stand up from my chair, and leave the place to breathe in some fresh air.  It's one of the things people (except for my bf and family) do not know about me.

So anyway i just want to share my weekend to practice my writing skills once again.  ^_^

My Saturday was hectic.  I attended the Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines' (ASLP) first meeting of the year at 9am.  I was assigned to be secretary for 2010.  Yay! The meeting went smoothly. The other officers have been very kind and very open, making me feel comfortable since I am a newcomer to the group.  It was my first time to be a part of a professional organization like this and I find it really exciting and educative. And they served breakfast too! Which is a good thing coz I haven't eaten breakfast yet when i went there.  The meeting was scheduled for one whole day. 

Unfortunately for me, I had a class at 11:30am.  I left the meeting at 12 since the place was just a few minutes taxi ride to my university and since my professor usually arrives past 12.  I left the meeting without lunch yet so by 1:00 pm, my stomach started growling.  The college canteen closes at 12nn so I wasn't able to buy any refreshment.  I had to endure my thirst and hunger until 2:45 pm when my professor realized that he has once again extended our class for 15 minutes.  He does that most of the time but I didn't really care much before coz he's good.  But that Saturday, I was already restless when the clock stroke 2:30 because i had to return to the ASLP meeting.  When I got back, the meeting was adjourned!  My fellow officers were still there but they were all ready to leave.  They briefed me with what they had agreed before we left the office. 

It was only 3 pm, so i decided go to Divisoria to buy some felt for some crafty projects on my list.  I called my bf to meet me at KFC Morayta before shopping.  We love going to Divisoria coz it's the place here in Manila where we can buy things at very low prices.  A dozen skeins of Monaco acrylic yarn costs 90 pesos (less than $2) only as compared to the ones sold in Quiapo which costs 10 pesos per skein or the 15-20 pesos per skein in the malls.  And since, we were already there, I bought a dozen skeins again for my project.

I was able to buy my felt too, in white, black, pink, chocolate brown, aqua, and red.  In Ilaya (a place in Divisoria), felt costs 85 pesos per yard.  I saw a store in Tabora selling felt too but for 100 per yard.  You really have to be so patient in Divisoria to find the cheapest and the best deals available.  It's tiring to go there though. 

On our way out of Ilaya, I found this cute animal print on sale!  It only costs 25 pesos ($0.5) per yard! Yummy!  

Then we went to 168, a mall in Divisoria, to look for some toys.  I once saw a World of Warcraft Illidan figure there and my bf wanted to check it out himself.  Unfortunately for him, we could not find one that day.  However, we found some cute metal keychains and pendants of WoW weapons and insignias!  They are gorgeous but we weren't able to buy one.  I'll surely buy some Horde weapons when I get back there again.  Sometimes, we really miss playing that online game.  But I'll tell more of it next time in a different post dedicated entirely for it.

Walking and shopping made us thirsty and hungry so we went to 168 food court to buy some bubble tea.  Unfortunately, it's closing already when we get there because they ran out of ice! So we ended up eating this curiously yummy Manook pancit with lots of chicharon on top.  The pancit was quite ok but it's not something I'd crave for.  By the time we finished our little snack, it's already 7:30!  I was rushing to go home because I have another meeting at 8:00 p.m.

My Action Learning group met online at 8:00pm to talk about our report on Friday (March 5).  We were able to finalize our sequence and assignments through the yahoo conference.  Oh my! I so love technology!  See, I can meet my group mates while at home, wearing my most comfortable clothes, eating rocky road ice cream with mangoes, and watching tv! It was stress-free! ^_^ So anyway, we finished at 10:30 pm.  I took a bath before emailing the minutes to my groupmates.  It was already midnight when I tucked myself in.

It was a hectic day but very fulfilling because I was able to accomplish a lot.  Oh and the most successful thing that happened that day was I finally got to exercise!  I did some much need crunches and leg lifts! Yay!  It felt great! 

I spent my sunday with my sister and my boyfriend.  We accompanied our sister to Divisoria for some errands.  I didn't buy anything then but it was a perfect bonding moment.  I only see my sister on weekends when i go home to our province.  Last weekend, I stayed in Manila and it made me happy that she came to spend her weekend in the city.  However, I still missed my parents, my brother and my sister-in-law, and our dogs.  I go home to the province weekly unless I had a meeting or other engagements in Manila.  I always feel refreshed after a day or 2 in the province.  But it's another story again to tell. 

Actually I'm planning to dedicate a day for travel stories here in my blog.  Maybe I'll call it Travel Tuesday.  It's the only day I might be able to squeeze in a big chunk of my time writing stories of places I've been to.  I'll start it next week because I still have a report to finish this week.  Oh my! I'm excited!  Please tell me what you think about my travel posts plan! ^_^

Wow! This post is super long!  I hope i didn't bore you.

love, ails

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  1. Divisoria, is a heaven for me, lots of cheap supplies for crafting... hmm, i wonder when can we shop together, you busy bee? :)