Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Cravings (Week 1)

I'm craving for these chocolates that i tasted yesterday and today (Thanks Ms. Melvin for these heavenly treats!).  Unfortuantely, these came from Italy! I need help in finding a local store that sells these milk chocolate pralines filled with hazelnut cream and cereals!

Before this, my all time fave cereal chocolate is Nestle Crunch.

I've always loved chocolate with nuts and cereals and anything that adds texture to it.  I do not mind plain chocolate bars/candies but if given a choice, I will definitely choose the one with nuts/fruits/cereals in it.

As i write this post, i am also searching for a local retailer of Sorini.  And i found this site that sells Sorini Tiffy for $18.99! 

340gm of Milk and white chocolate pralines with hazelnut pralines and cereal center.

Your Purchase Includes A Complimentary Personalized Gift Message.
Absolutely Free Delivery
And Free Packaging

Shipping: Nationwide.

It's more expensive that the first picture which has the same price label but with 480gms of chocolate love in it.

I'm wondering why they both have different names but with the same description.  I hope the Sorini available locally tastes the same as the one i am craving for. 


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