Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hello hello!

It's supposed to be my Color-coded Wednesday today but i've mastered the skills of a great procrastinator so instead of sharing you my colorful finds online, i'm sharing with you some little projects i'm busying myself with this week.  Instead of doing the following more important things:

  • write my thesis proposal
  • research Action-Learning
  • write a reflection paper for saturday
  • start my Style File binder, wreath, and photo display
  • draft Trois employees rules & regulations, tasks and accountabilities
  • plan my wedding in May

... i busied myself with these...

shelving my craft supplies in the apartment for better access and safer storage

finishing my cousin's 2010 planner/organizer

with her name at the back; and

finishing the last batch of desk calendars i made for my officemates. 

That's what i have accomplished this week so far.  I'm so waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy behind my other responsibilities & commitments.  and i hate myself for being the procrastinator that i've always been.  i think i should include that in my "To Change" list for 2010. 

anyway, i'll do my best to color-code my wednesday tomorrow instead. have a lovely day/night ahead!


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  1. wtg, girl! I'm happy to see your creations are coming... keep it up :)