Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Color-coded Wednesday (Week 1)

Hello Wednesday!  I love this day because it divides the week in perfect half.  So i think it is fitting to sprinkle this day with lovely colors to spread out over my whole week.  ^_^

I am a librarian and I know how to perfectly organize a collection, especially books! But i just couldn't stop myself from ogling and dreaming of organizing my own collections like these . . .

... even if i know that for my clients, books are harder to locate in this manner.

But this scheme is perfect for other things...

gorgeousness! i wish to have at least one of these pretties!
and this cute shelf too to house it...
(click on a photo to direct you to its source)

Sooo inspiring!  Have a colorful Wednesday everyone!



  1. I love organizing, but it's always chaotic when I create... lol :)

  2. me too! hahaha but it's still fun cleaning up all the mess after crafting. ^_^