Wednesday, November 25, 2009

quick post after a movie date

i'm so way behind my online class because i went to a movie date with my kool.

On our way to the ticket booth, we came across Santa's lovely place!

I found Comet there waiting for the others so he had a few minutes to pose and chat with me.

Then my eyes went super W-I-D-E when i saw Santa's little carts full of treats for good kids like me!

And look what Comet has given me for being extra good this year!

they're adorable! and they made me so happy! i could go home right after having those but i remembered that we are watching New Moon tonight.

i also found these lovelies near Santa's place.  Aren't they gorgeous? I'd love to have those furniture in my house.

Then as we bought our tickets, the lady in the booth gave us 2 booklets of discount coupons for buying 2 tickets of New Moon at one time.  So sweet! too bad though coz i don't really enjoy mall shopping lately.

Anyway, i think the movie was cute.  and i think the shots are artistic so i enjoyed even the corny stuff. i can't really decide which team to choose - team Jacob or team Edward.  which team are you on?

Oh! and i was shocked to find Lucian there as a vampire and not as a werewolf! Ha! I love him more like this..

ok, i'm off to bed. i'll check my online class tomorrow morning and introduce myself to my classmates. 



  1. Hi Ails, can't help but to check the place yesterday after receiving your text message last wednesday. I'm so glad I was able to purchase some dies and stamps... It's really a great deal! I'm excited for our next week's craft shopping... BTW, congrats on your so many craft endeavors, I'm so happy and proud for you :)

  2. Thank you so much Jas! That's super sweet of you! ^_^ I'm sooo excited too! I wonder what they'll offer next week? ^_^ i can't wait!