Friday, November 20, 2009

i heart HANDMADE

eversince i got so obsessed with crafty/creative blogs and etsy shops,  i started losing interest in mall shopping. i only visit the mall when i needed to buy paper and craft supplies in an instant. and sometimes, to meet with friends and watch a movie. 

i am more interested now in buying handmade or making my own instead.  I have some lovely ideas for some handmade projects for myself that i want to start when i'm done with all the orders.  These ideas  are of course inspired by my favorite blogs listed on my left sidebar.  Visit them too and get inspired by their creations. ^_^

i would also like to share this fabulous and HUGE giveaway happening only at Leigh-Ann's blog. Check it out and join in the fun too!

btw, i skipped my class tonight.  i'm not proud of it but i did it out of necessity.  :(  - ok, this is gonna be the last sad statement i'm writing here. 

love, ails

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