Friday, September 18, 2009

tgi friday!

happy friday everyone!

DBF and i are going to Laguna this long weekend. Yes! it's a long weekend once again! so happy! ^_^

but before that, we have an errand to do after office. we need to buy flowers from Dangwa. it is a very lovely place. i love going there even if i have to carry all those bundles of flowers on foot. i want to bring the D40 there tonight so i can share with you the beauty of the place. but it's not mine to risk so i'll just have to let DBF make the decision if he's gonna bring it or not.

on the other news, i'm proud of myself last night coz i was finally finished organizing the documents in my laptop. hee hee. and now, i'm 25% done in organizing my photos. so YaY to me! ^_^

ooohhh... i also want to share this wonderful promo i availed of last Tuesday. Coz you see, i once tried having this facial at Forever Flawless sometime in May (before my trip to Coron). and it ruined my skin. :( i didn't use any moisturizer, sunblock, or night cream for my face after that. my skin hasn't recovered yet after that failed facial. so when i got the chance to pass by Rustan's Gateway last Tuesday, i went straight ahead to Clarins. i've tried Clarins moisturizer 2 years ago and it suited my skin. people around me noticed my skin back then. so i decided to buy that product again. It costs Php 2,700.00 now. Plus, i get to receive a night cream from the saleslady as a freebie. But i wanted more freebies like the same number i got 2 years ago ( as in i got lots back then), so i haggled some more with the saleslady. hee hee. then she decided to give me some packs of their make-up base. and when she saw that i was about to use my Red HSBC card, she offered me a promo. :D Who doesn't love promos? all girls love promos! even if it would costs us more, don't we? ^_^ hihi ok so here's the promo - i buy 5000 worth of Clarins product and i will get this lovely red pouch with lotsa Clarins goodies in it! Plus, they offer 0% interest for 3 months! So i grabbed it! and i do not regret a bit of it. ^_^ happy!

here are what i bought (moisturize - 2,700 and sunblock - 2,400) ...

and here are my loot !YaY! ...

so happy! i got a pouch, a toner, a peeling lotion, 2 night creams for me, a night cream for mommy, a foaming cleanser, a cleansing gel, a moisture-rich body lotion, 2 other body products, and lotsa packs of make-up base! ^_^

i hope that after a month or 2 of using these products, i'll be able to get my skin back the way it was 2 years ago...

taken with the D40 right after getting up from bed one morning

Have a happy weekend everyone! ^_^


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