Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i heart weekends!

hello everyone!

how was your weekend? ^_^

my hands were quite full last weekend. last saturday, we catered to our childhood friend Zeus' wedding. it was lovely! i was able to click some shots during the reception.

during that time, we were also catering to my niece's baptismal in another location. my sister was the one assigned to attend and oversee the catering there. my brother was assigned to oversee both. while dear BF was assigned with me at the wedding too. lovely!

On Sunday morning, i was able to create this ohhhh so cute! camera hugger for my dear Hoseal! see? i sooo love the colors of rust and olive on his black D40. yay! so happy!

in the afternoon, my dear BF and i painted a sign for my father's coconut seedlings for sale. it was a simple sign coz we only have white and black acrylic paints but we had a blast painting and installing it for daddy. ^_^

and then we had a mini get-together dinner with my high school friends! oh how i missed them all! we had sooo much fun and laughter that evening! i just wished there were more of us. here's our group pic taken by my dear BF that night...

on monday, my dear BF and i took a dip at the pool before lunchtime. it was very hot that day so the clean and cool water of the pool was very much appreciated. plus, we had the pool to ourselves that time. so wonderful! ^_^

too bad we couldn't play here 'coz of the scorching sun. the swing almost fried my butt when i tried to sit.

on the other news, Ashee is pregnant! the bump on her belly is visible now and we can hardly wait for her to give birth next month! happy!

and here's the late post of the 2nd commissioned scrapbook album ordered weeks ago. ^_^


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