Friday, November 06, 2009

quick update


how have you been? it's been a while since my last post. i have been very busy painting the pages of my life that i couldn't squeeze in some minutes to update my blog. but i never miss reading and hopping on my friends/inspirations blogs whenever i get the chance to go online.

for a start, i'll just share these HolyCUTE! giveaways i'm praying to win this

from elsiecake. isn't she the sweetest? ^_^

anyhoo, i learned a new skill this week. Yay! For a day, I was taught the basics of Barista! Happyness! ^_^ Preparing a cup of specialty coffee was fun and awesome! If i could only buy my own espresso machine, i'd really put up my own coffee & crafts shop. ^_^

Second update: i enrolled again this sem. I got a penalty course already for exceeding the Maximum Residency Rule. and for that i took EDSP 231 - Adjunctive Therapies coz i believe it'll help me become more confident in teaching. Plus i learned that i still have to get 3 units more of Foundation courses to complete my MA. So i took EDFD 247 - Values & Education hoping that it's a bit easier than the first one. ;-) So I took 6 units this semester excluding my ongoing thesis. No, i am not trying to kill myself. I am merely trying to prove that even with an 8-hour, 5 days-a-week job, i can still manage to complete my required subjects and finish my thesis outline (chapters 1-3) by January 2010! whew!

Finishing my MA is one of my priorities right now. It's one of my major goals and i would really really rejoice when i'm through with it. What's sad about this though is that enrolling in 6 units this sem would only mean laying low on creating lovelies for my Little Arty Indie shop. So by the first week of December, I need to finish all the Holiday orders then concentrate on my academics once again. but this does not mean i will stop creating. i couldn't do that. it's like the cinnamon on my french apple pie. my life will be hollow and bland without it.

third update: is still a bit of a secret. *wink* coz it involves not just myself but also my very best friend! if you're super close to us, then you should know by now what it is. if not, you'll learn about it soon. hihi what makes me excited is that it's becoming more realistic now. so happy! ^_^

okay, that's it for now. i gotta rest for another busy day ahead. nyt nyt lovelies!


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